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MIBA Health understands your concerns and fears about cancer so our services offer to investigate if cancer may be present from the early stages before symptoms to the later stages.


If you are worried that you are exposed to cancer by family history or you think you have symptoms for cancer, then an ultrasound scan may be used as the first step to investigate. An ultrasound scan is an effective safe and painless way to create a picture of the tissue and organs inside your body. A hand-held device uses sound waves to create the image on a TV screen.


The cancer screening ultrasound scans explores specific areas of your body to identify and locate a mass or tumour. It can also help a doctor perform a biopsy because it shows the tumour’s exact location in the body.


There are other signs and symptoms of cancer that can be determined by the ultrasound scan too such as inflammation and swellings and the condition and size of vital body organs.


Our medical assessment reports from the imaging tests can be used to:


  • Investigate early detection if no symptoms are present
  • Check for signs of cancer after having symptoms
  • Find out how far the cancer has spread
  • Provide a report for the doctor to assess if the cancer treatment is working


We give you our assurance you are in the best professional hands with MIBA Health.

List of Cancer Screening Scans

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