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Pregnancy and baby scans can be the most magical time for parents. They provide you, your family and the midwife, with essential information about the health and development of your baby and also support deeper bonding with your baby.

With top of the range ultrasound equipment our scans produce beautiful clear images, but more importantly, we offer medically supported, private clinical reports and consultations from 6 – 42 weeks These include a wide range of assessment:

  • Medically based reassurance checks to confirm live pregnancy
  • Checking the condition of the endometrium (uterus)
  • Accurate estimate of the baby’s due date
  • Confirming the sex of your baby
  • Checking your baby’s growth, condition and heartbeat
  • Measuring the baby for development assessment
  • Checking the position of the placenta and placental blood flow
  • Investigating signs and symptoms of complications
List of Pregnancy Scans

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