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Personal Care


People-Centred Care Support

Our Personal Care Agency provides a range of care and support services to adults (18-65) living in their own homes.


Our services focus on Reablement, which is providing personal care, help with daily living activities and other practical tasks, usually for up to six weeks.  Reablement encourages service users to develop the confidence and skills to carry out these activities themselves and continue to live at home.


It tends to be provided to people who have just been discharged from hospital or are otherwise entering the care system following a crisis.


Our reablement approach, philosophy and process enables Service Users, after an acute clinical episode, to learn and adapt so they live independent lives. The ultimate goal is to restore the Service Users’ personal autonomy and independence. The service seeks to maximise independent living skills by offering, initially, services such as personal care, mobility and other practical tasks, for example:


  • Light domestic task such as hovering, changing bed linen and dusting
  • Personal care services
  • Support with meal preparation
  • Companionship


Mibahealth will work with the Service User and others that are significant in the Service User lives to help design the care and support plans to meet the individual needs. Each Service User will own their care and support plan and this will be tailored to the individual to ensure inclusion and understanding. A copy of the care and support plan will be provided to the individual and a copy retained in the agency office.


We believe it is important that every Service User owns their care and support plan and this will be tailored to the individual to ensure inclusion and understanding. We work in a person centred approach and all plans are made to ensure that the focus is on the person, their goals, wishes, dreams and aspirations.


The overriding vision for our Reablement Strategy is based on the following priorities:


Deliver cost efficiencies in order to meet current and future demand within existing resources

Within the current and future financial and political climate, both health and social care economies are tasked to provide best value services for the local population, within agreed budgetary constraints.

Improve quality & maximise independent living

Maximise people’s potential to live independently in their chosen community by giving them access to the reablement service

Decrease the number of people unnecessarily admitted to long term care following a hospital stay

Assessment and decision making about peoples long-term care needs will only be made only after they have had the opportunity for rehabilitation, recuperation and recovery

Prevent hospital admissions and support timely discharges

Individuals will receive their care in the right place, at the right time.

Improve the skills and competencies of the reablement work force

Investing in workforce development will ensure reablement has the right skill mix of staff. This in turn will maximise throughput, volume and quality within our reablement service

Performance management and KPI development

Monitor and evaluate quality, provide accurate reporting data.

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