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Men’s Health


Well-man Clinic

Our Well-man clinic offer a range of general health checks for men, including:

  • your lifestyle, including diet, exercise, alcohol and smoking
  • medical history
  • weight and height
  • blood pressure
  • cholesterol
  • a urine test for diabetes or kidney infection
  • hearing and vision
  • lung function
  • an electrocardiogram (ECG) to check for heart problems
  • a chest X-ray, if you’re a heavy smoker


In addition we offer:

  • testosterone replacement therapy,
  • prostate cancer screening,
  • medical support on worrying sexual concerns such as  erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.
  • For impotence treatments, we also offer a private prescription service for our patients.


Male Fertility Investigations

The majority of male fertility issues relate to sperm disorders so the first step in any investigation is to do a comprehensive semen analysis to establish if the semen sample of the male partner is normal.


If necessary, additional investigations can be undertaken such as:

  • chromosome analysis (karyotype);
  • sperm aneuploidy, which looks at whether sperm are genetically abnormal and
  • sperm DNA fragmentation


All these tests, as well as freezing and preservation of sperm can be arranged in our on site laboratory by our highly experienced embryologists.


We believe that every case is unique and that is why detailed assessments and investigations are required so a personalised care plan can be put together to fit your circumstances. We often advise that both the female and male are assessed at the same time so we can build a complete picture of the situation. All our treatment is consultant led and with no need for a GP referral and no waiting lists, you can arrange an appointment quickly.


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