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Membership Plans


Harder Working Health Cover for your Business

Mibahealth operates as a polyclinic offering a range of healthcare solutions, providing faster, more convenient, high-quality health services for patients. So why not make this work for your business with a corporate membership plan?


What matters most to us is providing corporate health membership that works hard for you and your employees. That’s why we provide a range of flexible, market leading solutions.


So from things like general health check-ups and dental appointments to surgical procedures such as fertility operations, we can keep your staff at their fit and healthy best.


Our membership program allows you to pay a monthly fee for your employees (minimum of 3 months), allowing them to receive an unlimited number of medical visits within a month for a greatly reduced rate. All lab work, X-rays, tests, and procedures that can be done within our clinic are covered. We are committed to providing affordable, innovative care to you and your employees.


Keep in mind that this is not Medical Insurance and should not be treated as such. It is a membership at Mibahealth that entitles your employees to access affordable private healthcare at a much reduced rate.


Benefits for your business:


  • Provides a valuable employee benefit package
  • Improves staff productivity, motivation and morale
  • Helps to recruit, retain and reward your staff
  • Helps as part of pay negotiations
  • May help employees with stress related problems
  • Can support your duty of care obligations



  • 61% of employers say providing staff health benefits helps them to be seen as an employer of choice (Employee Benefits Healthcare Research 2013)
  • 85% of employers surveyed say minor ailments are the biggest cause of sickness absence



  • Helps your employees’ salaries go further with money back for eye-care, dental treatment, physio and more
  • Encourages your staff to think proactively about their health
  • Improves employee health by offering access to wellbeing services


Corporate Membership Fee

The cost of corporate membership depends on a range of factors, including the number of employees to be included in the scheme. In some cases, interest free finance is also available, so please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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