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Gynae Team

Our Gynae Team

In our MIBA Health team we have different doctors, so we can help you with a wide range of disorders and symptoms:

  • A Gynaecologist is a specialist doctor who deals with the diseases related to the female reproductive system.
  • An Obstetrician is a doctor who specializes in pregnancy, childbirth, and a woman’s reproductive system.
  • GP specialised in Gynaecology and Fertility to help with common symptoms.


We are delighted to announce the introduction of our Clinical Lead, Ali El Nemr.


About Dr Ali El-Nemr

MBBcH (Gold Medal) 1986, M.Sc. O&G (Distinction) 1989, MD, FRCOG 2006, (fertility subspecialty)


Interests: Laparoscopic surgery, hysteroscopic surgery, endometriosis diagnosis and treatment, fertility management and IVF, hysteroscopy and menopausal outpatient clinic.


Dr Nemr has vast experience in developed and developing countries delivering general obstetrics and gynaecology for over 25 years. After qualifying in 1986 he has contributed to highly successful and reputable medical practice as a practising obstetrics and gynaecology doctor (as a consultant for the last ten years) in the New Zealand health system, Australian health system, Kuwait health system, and Egypt health system and over ten hospitals in the NHS (UK).


As a highly experienced Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Dr Nemr provides clinical excellence and outstanding communication to give you the best person-centred support for your most sensitive health problems.


His reputable clinical expertise for effective diagnosis and treatment covers a wide range of women’s health issues, from abnormal pelvis symptoms (such as cramps, bleeding, swellings), infertility with fertility options to conditions during the menopause. He is renowned for listening carefully and understanding the physical and wellbeing difficulties to investigate all the options to give you the health you deserve.

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