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Click Doctor


Expert medical advice, with the convenience of live video consultation


Click Doctor allows people to speak to a highly trained healthcare professional online to get urgent medical advice remotely for a range of common symptoms.


You may be thinking the healthcare professional will need to physically examine you in order to diagnose your condition?


Well the fact is that 80% of patients don’t actually require a physical examination in order to get the initial treatment or advice they need.


The majority of healthcare professionals base most of their primary diagnosis on what symptoms you describe when questioned and how you physically appear and look at the time of consultation.


With this in mind, a video consultation is a brilliant way for the health professional to understand what symptoms you are experiencing and provide immediate online consultation.


This is an effective way to help you seek advice about your urgent health concerns in the privacy and comfort of your home or location you feel comfortable in for the video appointment.


Click Doctor is responsive, i.e. for immediate attention or action. The healthcare professional that is connected to you remotely will provide you with immediate medical advice during your consultation. Furthermore, depending on the degree of urgency of your symptoms, Click Doctor is designed to allocate you priority bookings, and even match you with an appropriately specialised healthcare professional, subject to the availability of the healthcare professional.


How it Works

1. Book an appointment

Our online platform allows you to select a date and time to suit you and just book-in.


2. Reminder before it starts

We’ll send you a FREE text and email to remind you so you can make it or change it on-time.


3. Speak to a healthcare professional online

You sign in online, and Click Doctor will connect you to a qualified healthcare professional via video in our secure online clinic.



With Click Doctor’s online video consultation the healthcare professionals will ask you a series of questions to assess your symptoms and immediately direct you to the best medical care for you in relation to the majority of urgent common symptoms that patients frequently attend their GP for.


Our online consultation can be on a one-to-one basis or in some circumstances the patient may choose to have other members of their family alongside them, so that everyone can engage and contribute to the solution the healthcare professional will discuss in the live chat.


We believe it is important that patients can discuss their health issues with a qualified healthcare professional conveniently when it suits them.


Get the expert medical advice you need in our secure video surgery where you can live chat with a healthcare professional face-to-face from the comfort of your own home or even at work, when it’s most convenient for you.


Each consultation lasts up to 15 minutes.



Click Doctor uses security technology, including firewalls and Secure Socket Layers to protect information submitted through our online platform and has procedures in place to ensure paper and computer systems and databases are protected against unauthorised disclosure, use, loss and damage.


Nevertheless, electronic transmissions are never completely private or secure and there is a risk, therefore, that any electronic communications sent may be intercepted and potentially read by others.


You should, therefore, ensure that any computer, device or telephone you use to access your online patient record is suitably protected from potential interception.


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