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Dallas Health is your first choice for people-centred, personalised, private healthcare in Liverpool. Our sole aim is to improve the health, well-being and lives of those we care for through the delivery of the highest quality services available.

Working alongside the National Health Service (NHS) to provide private healthcare that is accessible and affordable at the point of need.

We believe the future of health care lies in greater access for the individual. So our healthcare model is built on ensuring that it is easier than ever for individuals to engage with their health early and at the time it matters most.

This means detecting the onset of disease early and in time for therapy to be effective.

We offer a unique combination of premier PRIVATE ULTRASOUND SCANS and diagnostic assessment, health promotion and lifestyle advice, screening and preventative services, GYNAECOLOGY, PERSONAL DOMICILARY CARE and other related services from our Liverpool City Centre clinic.

We provide a comprehensive range of diagnostic ultrasound scans for all types of clinical information. These include pelvic scan, pregnancy scan, musculoskeletal scan, liver scan and many more.
We offer comprehensive diagnosis, advice and treatment of all gynaecological issues, from our Liverpool clinic, as well as in association with our partners across the North West of England.
We are developing our services to become a leading specialist male health clinic. We can provide expert advice, diagnosis and treatment for men with a wide range of health concerns.
We provide a full range of fertility investigations and health checks for both men and women. In addition we can also offer assisted conception / fertility treatments at a dedicated fertility hospital.
Our personal care service is based on independent living by reablement. This encourages service users to develop the confidence and skills to continue to live at home.
Our Telehealth service allows for consistent and accurate monitoring of a patient’s symptoms via easy to use technology which allow clinicians to provide remote medical advice to individual patient.

Professional and Efficient Private Ultrasound Service by highly experienced Sonographers…

Gynaecology, Fertility, IVF Consultations, Scans and Treatment Referrals

Our Ultrasound Scanning Service can detect the following Cancers:

Bile Duct Cancer; Gall Bladder Cancer; Kidney Cancer; Liver Cancer; Ovarian Cancer; Pancreatic Cancer; Soft Tissue Sarcoma; Thyroid Cancer; Testicular Cancer; Endometrial Cancer; Uterine Cancer

In addition our assessment can identify an enlargement of the Prostate (possible Prostate Cancer)

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